2020 Highlights

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What a year! 2020 came to a close, and a new year seamlessly followed. Everyone around the world had one obstacle or another to face during the hectic 2020 year, and PAC Global Holdings LLC was not immune to this struggle. Some of our development, marketing, and overall objectives had to be altered, delayed, or achieved in different ways then we originally anticipated. However, I could not be more proud of the strength and resilience my team and the fellow community members presented through it all. Those who follow third party exchange reporting should be happy to review Coinbase YTD reporting where PAC Global boasts a 318% increase in USD value. This value is recognized in a much larger and convincing way when relying on the network itself to speak for the usage and utility value. The PAC Global Network has grown to a robust 13,345 Decentralized Masternodes, in which 11,845 are currently active (88.76%,https://masternodes.online/currencies/PAC/). This Amounts to 6,672,500,000 coins that are in a collateral state available/actively connected to the PAC Global Masternode Network. 51.88% of the entire PAC supply is contributing to the PAC Global Network the resources that make it possible to build decentralized products for real use case.

When I first introduced IPFS as a possible network layer for products that would require storage space and scalability, we immediately recognized that the scaling capabilities of the PAC Global network proved reliable and large enough to actually see a brand-new door with massive potential. The Yan Network is proof of that even in the early stages. Over 3500 PAC Global Masternodes have installed the IPFS Network layer we have developed, and this is expected to grow. This attaches all of the servers already connecting the PAC Global Network together creating a web of storage space accessible in a decentralized manner. This storage space would not be stored on the PAC Global Blockchain, but rather it uses the architectural structure of thousands of individuals servers to create a large and scalable decentralized storage network using IPFS technology - the Yan Network.

Our partnerships with TRON, Digibyte, and Radiologex were the first of what is to come. TRON and Digibyte both found value in the fact they could grow their already extensive networks even more by the PAC Global Network supporting their products such as DigiAsset and BitTorrent. Radiologex in a similar fashion discovered the limitless capabilities of a decentralized storage system that grows with network support and resources dedicated. This is very valuable for an industry such as the medical field, where data and storage needs are endless.

Our goals remain the same as well for community/user driven products we have plans for going forward. Decentralized storage should be in the hands of the people, and this is something we will make sure to deliver upon. You should have the ability to store and save your own data without relying on third party companies. You should be able to see in real-time the value that your own personal data holds. There is a reason your data is collected by third parties and sold for millions of dollars. This is all information and $$ you should be in full control of in my opinion. YanDNA is our vision to provide all of this. A platform built entirely for you, the ability to securely store data and request additional storage space directly from the network itself, not a centralized faceless server farm. Adoption and drive for PAC Global will be closely tied to the needs of data storage and data security, both private and public.

I wish you all success this year, and with PAC Global I know that goes hand in hand!

To the Community,

Drew Saunders
CEO of PAC Global Holdings LLC

First published at 01/04/2021, 05:00 AM
Last updated on 01/04/2021, 03:37 AM