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CHEYENNE, Wyoming – PAC Global, LLC, an emerging blockchain network provider, is pleased to announce Alyze Sam, Oz Sultan, and David Gokhshtein in their new positions with PAC Global. These three industry-leading individuals join the PAC Global team bringing with them vast experience and their own individual success from their respective fields.

Alyze Sam has accepted the role as Chief Communications Officer (CCO). Alzye, also known as Sam, describes herself as a blockchain servant and says she’s always caught “smiling and trying to make positive changes.” Sam wrote the first book on stablecoins which is available on Amazon and is finalizing a university textbook on this digital asset which is scheduled for release this month. She’s called to speak globally and is presenting at large industry conferences in New York, Las Vegas, France, and Germany in Q4 of this year. Sam is an expert on this new and rapidly changing technology. She brings kindness, light-hearted fun, and empathy to everything she is involved in. Being multifaceted, smart, and social impact driven along with a loyal and expanding following allows Sam to be a perfect addition to the PAC Global team. For more information on her biography and professional works, please see this link.

Oz Sultan has joined PAC Global as its Chief Information Officer (CIO). He has over 18 years of working in technology including CTO and CMO roles. Oz has designed multi-million dollar and startup tech systems. He successfully built and operationalized projects from Financial Service platforms (JPMorgan, Moody’s) to next-generation Datacenters. His combined experience utilizing both extensive private and public sector relationships make him one of the few “swiss-army knife” type folks in the blockchain industry.

Several additional positions that Oz holds includes: Board member of the Homeland Security Foundation of America; Adjunct Faculty at CUNY focused on Marketing Technology 3 and Blockchain; Advisor to a half dozen Cryptocurrency and Blockchain projects; Principal Investigator for the Council Exchange Board of Trade working with Opportunity Zones + advising on the OpZone Blockchain strategy; Advisor to Joanne King Herring’s Project to solve the Migrant problem at our Borders; Founder of the OurHouse interfaith project in NYC; Researcher on Counterterrorism and Preventing Online Radicalization with several Army Journal publications. His latest work focuses on Blockchain risk scenarios and using the Blockchain to secure business and various government interests. Recently, Oz joined the Texas Hemp Educational Organization – working to aid in Blockchain proliferation within the Non-Profit and Social Good arenas – as well as helping to put Blockchain provenance in for seed to sale systems. He is a regular Blockchain, Middle East Policy, Counterterrorism, and Security commentator on i24News, Fox Business and a number of international outlets. Please see part of his latest work entitled “Tackling Disinformation, Online Terrorism, and Cyber Risks into the 2020s.”

David Gokhshtein joins the highly-experienced PAC Global team as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). David is a dynamic and results orientated Entrepreneur with a background in Technology, Marketing and Financial Management. His experience in Account Administration, Finance and Business Operations along with his unrelenting passion and knowledge gives him a critical edge in identifying key areas of development and strategic growth - both in new and emerging markets. David is a popular public speaker often sharing his motivational insight and knowledge on current cryptocurrency news. He is the principal behind, a unique, revolutionary portal for all things cryptocurrency consisting of fundamental market analysis, real time market updates, and upcoming cryptocurrency events. David continues to be a leading dynamic energy within the crypto space and was named one of the Top 25 Cryptocurrency Influencers for 2018. Furthermore, he is a distinguished member of the Forbes Finance Council.

Drew Saunders, CEO of PAC Global, stated,

“These new strategic additions to the PAC Global LLC family bring a top tier skillset and experience geared towards growing our reach. Furthermore, they provide the blockchain industry with familiar faces which further legitimize our efforts and exciting plans for the future of the worldwide PAC Network. We are ecstatic to be working hand in hand with them while we bring real blockchain solutions to solve real world problems. In closing, please join us as we give a hearty warm welcome to Sam, Oz and David as they join the PAC Global family.”

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PAC Global, LLC, a publicly traded digital currency which trades under the symbol “PAC”, is a Wyoming-based company focused exclusively on providing next generation blockchain network solutions. It is currently the fourth largest truly decentralized master node network in the world ( with over 6,400 active nodes located throughout all corners of the world. Its initial applications are merchant processing and charity although the Company plans to offer its network to third party clients for supply chain/inventory management, Intellectual Property (IP) storage and distribution, and other leading use cases. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact Drew Saunders, CEO of PAC Global. For more information on the Company visit us on Twitter at @PACcoinofficial or our website at
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