PAC Global Roadmap
January 2020
Rollout of the all-new website featuring advanced support and community collaboration tools.

Pac Global contracts with Amazix and Fox Tail Marketing to provide elevated full stack marketing services and support, opening up PAC GLOBAL to a global audience.
February 2020
Release of PACapp 1.0, a next-gen revolutionary tag id-based wallet that eliminates the need for lengthy wallet addresses and improves security

Release of exchange-based API, allowing direct Credit Card purchases for Pac through
March 2020
Release of PAC Global Wallet 2020- An all-new wallet featuring an enhanced user experience, all new UI, functionality, auto masternode installations, advanced monitoring and security, both for Windows and Mac.

Pac Global’s highly anticipated IEO goes live, opening up a new era for one of the world’s largest and most stable decentralized, proof-of stake, networks to access new heights with special emphasis on large enterprise partners.
April 2020
Internal testing and development commences for PACfile, a tentative Data storage platform for both private public information. PACfile will seek to include private information encryption while public information remains readable by everyone. This will solve quality storage needs without the reliance on central locations, instead uses a content-addressed system. This results in a storage platform that is censorship resistant, fault-tolerant, and has zero downtime.

PAC Global Board of Directors and Community Meet-up “PACCON 2020” in Los Angeles, CA. Meet the team/preview innovations/community fun with food, drinks, scheduled speakers and entertainment, along with a PAC Global Charity Celebration.
June 2020
PAC Global Square goes live directly on - A fully new and immersive way to communicate, interact, and collaborate with the global PAC community. Featuring a robust marketplace for goods and services, a content sharing module, as well as charity. Transact, contribute (tip), or crowdfund instantly and seamlessly, across borders, using PAC GLOBAL.
August 2020
PAC Global will have listing established on 3 top 20 marketplaces, allowing users across the globe to easily access and trade Pac Global on secondary-markets.

Beta Release of PACBrowser, an immersive, ultra-safe, secure, powerful web browser with an incorporated PAC Global miniWallet for seamless settlement/tipping/contributions/ and charity. The web browsing experience is revolutionized by giving the user complete anonymity, security, and custodianship of their own data. Publishers control and OWN their data rather than BIG TECH. With built in advanced Tracker blockers/ and AD blockers as well as the ability to earn PAC Global coins with non-invasive ads. (optional).
October 2020
Live release of PACBrowser, as a bounty program targeting millions of users across the word to help them download and use the revolutionary and secure browser.

Amazix’s Opal Tier PR campaign for Pac Global begins- reaching A level Enterprise media such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, and as well as all major crypto publications such as CCN, Utoday, Coincodex, BTC wires and many others. This campaigns audience reach exceeds over 100 million.